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SmartDisk™ Wireless Sensor & Monitor System

SmartDisk™ Wireless Sensor & Monitor System Wireless Instrumentation

U.S. patent 6,124,806 and other international patents pending.  

SmartDisk brings wireless communications to Pressure Relief Devices

The SmartDisk™ Wireless Sensor & Monitoring System provides intelligent, reliable and cost effective communications technology to pressure relief devices without the traditional expense of wiring between the pressure event sensor and the monitor.

Operating Principle

An ultra high frequency radio transmitter is fitted to a pressure event sensor. When an overpressure, flow or other pressure event occurs, the sensor changes state typically from “closed circuit” to “open circuit” and the transmitter broadcasts the event. A receiving station is configured to recognize this transmission.

The receiving station identifies a unique signal from the transmitter and issues an immediate alert identifying the pressure relief device and the pressure event. Annunciation of the event can be through a monitor integral to the receiving station, relay outputs in the receiving station, or existing user control systems. Any simple “change of state” sensor can be integrated into the SmartDisk Wireless Sensor & Monitor System, including: Burst Alert® Sensors, Leak Detector Alert Sensors, Proximity Switches, Pressure Switches, etc.

Wireless Monitoring System
Cut the Wires, Cut the $$$!

Flexible Wireless Platform

  • Eliminates wiring between sensor transmitter and monitor
  • Battery powered, DC powered with battery backup
  • Ready to use; complete with enclosures
  • Supports discrete switch-type sensors
  • Supports analog type sensors
  • Over 10 mile Range
  • Multi-zone capability
  • 32:1 system ratio; expandable to 992
  • -40°F to 185°F temperature range (-40°C to 85°C)
  • External switched output option at each transmitter
  • Immediate data transmission (DTM)
Rapid Communication from Monitor/Receiver
  • Stand-alone monitoring
  • Programmable relay outputs
  • Operate as Modbus “slave”; RS232/RS485 connection options
  • Connect to PC using Windows® HyperTerminal Varied Application Choices

         Varied Application Choices

  • CSA: US and Canada

DTM (Battery Powered) Class I, Division 1,
Groups A/B/C/D (Intrinsically Safe)

Class I, Division 2, Groups A/B/C/D

  • ATEX: Europe

    II 3 GD EEx nA II T4